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Dinner from Tuesday to Sunday 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm

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Nunziatina Taormina

What is Nunziatina

A restaurant in the heart of Taormina, inspired by the warmth and fun-filled clamour of the typical Sicilian home, sincere, welcoming and generous. A dining proposal that is based on the utmost attention to raw materials; a cuisine that focuses on local ingredients, refined and enhanced to satisfy every palate, rich in flavours and aromas, evocative and ancestral, perpetually sincere with respect to an idea of cuisine that is both basic and baroque at the same time.


A generous cuisine

The cuisine is inspired by the local people’s one, who are traditionally satisfied with what the sea and land have to offer and who celebrate the cult of the ingredients that are available during each season.

Nunziatina is Nunziatina's home: like her, it’s a little eccentric and excessive.A concept imagined to satisfy the need of those interested in living an overall and full experience, which food is part of, but certainly not its only feature.


The cult of the superfluous

The Design derives directly from the origins of the cult and the superfluous that characterizes the typical homes of opulent and baroque Sicily. Daring chromatic and material choices that are treated, however, with the ease of pan-European dandyism that made Taormina great.


Exceptional on any occasion

Whether it be a birthday party, a memorable dinner, or a wedding reception, Nunziatina can help you create a stylish experience in one of the most sought-after locations in Taormina.



Via Roma 12, Taormina (ME), Italy

Dinner from Tuesday to Sunday 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm